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New and creative way to improve your vocabulary or learn a foreign language faster  Word frequency program with online capacities.

    Create a word list with word frequency from any given text. It is perfect to improve your Writing Skills, Vocabulary, SEO, keyword identifying, checking repetition. The list can be customized and exported to Excel, text file or Clipboard.more...

  Word List Expert v3.2.1

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Advanced Word Frequency


Word list maker







· Paste from clipboard, open from text file,  or write in the window.

· Create and save your own list of words to be found. (seek list feature).

· Word frequency.

. Looking up for the word online. Dictionary 1 click.

. Translate online. 1 click.

· Letter  frequency.

. Characters' counter.

· Display the total space separated words.

· Configure search according to your preferences.

· Sort results according to frequency, rank or alphabetically.      

· Export results to Excel, text file or copy to clipboard.

. Search and replace function.


Letter  Frequency feature is Free!(continue using this after trial )

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Word power made easy

Analyzing Text Made Siple Using Word List Expert





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"A Must-Have for Writers.

It is probably the only program a writer will need apart from a Grammar Checker and a text editor.

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Word List Expert is an Extremely Useful program."

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